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  • Very thorough!…[Pariah] clearly knows a ton about the whole world of eBooks. The InDesign work will help me produce my first eBook with the “enhanced” features that I didn’t know how to do.
    —Tali, Astrostyle

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Training in Versions?CS6, CS5, CS4
Class Length?1 Day
Delivery?This class may be delivered on-site or remotely.
Price ? $1,295-2,495 per Day*

* Complete pricing information.

Prerequisites?This course is intended for those already comfortable using a prior version of Adobe InDesign on the job to get quickly up to speed with the newest features. At the minimum you should have already taken the InDesign class or have equivalent experience.

A boot­camp is an inten­sive upgrade train­ing ses­sion intended to bring expe­ri­enced users of InDesign up to speed with the lat­est fea­tures (and quirks) and how to incor­po­rate those into real world pro­fes­sional work­flows. During the boot­camp we can update you from InDesign CS4 or InDesign CS5 to InDesign CS6+ (CS6+ means incre­men­tal updates and new fea­tures added through a Creative Cloud sub­scrip­tion that are not included in the boxed retail InDesign CS6 product).

New Features of InDesign CS6

  • Adaptive Design Tools
  • Liquid Layout
  • Alternate Layotu
  • Linked Content
  • Content Collector Tools
  • PDF Forms within InDesign
  • Middle Eastern Language Support
  • Pages Panel Enhancements
  • Split Window
  • Recently Used Fonts
  • Persistent Text Frame Fitting Options
  • Grayscale Preview
  • Grayscale PDF Export
  • Key Object Alignment
  • Hunspell Dictionary Enhancements
  • IDML Support
  • Complex Calculations
  • Enhanced Split and Span Support
  • Interactive PDF Exported as Pages
  • Export to PNG
  • Enhanced Zoom for Linked Objects
  • Extension Set Management
  • Indic Language Support
  • Interactive HTML
  • Style Mapping in Linked Text
  • Enhanced Packaging Support
  • …And all other fea­tures new since your last ver­sion of InDesign