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  • This session has been fantastic, and I have learned so much. After nearly 20 years in the print world, I and my customers recognize that we must make the change to digital communication or face extinction.
    —Caroline, Wild Pete Publishing, Inc.

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Training in Versions?CS6, CS5, CS4
Class Length?1–2 Days
Delivery?This class may be delivered on-site or remotely.
Price ? $1,295-2,495 per Day*

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Adobe Fireworks is a pro­fes­sional stan­dard web and screen graph­ics edi­tor. Learn to pro­duce graph­ics, wire­frame, and pro­to­types for screen and web deliv­ery. This class gives a solid foun­da­tion in both raster and vec­tor graphic basics and will give you the skills you need to use Fireworks well for a vari­ety of projects.

What You Will Learn

  • Managing your Workspace
  • Working with Pages, States, and Layers
  • Adding Masks
  • Manipulating Text
  • Using Styles for faster formatting
  • Creating Screen Content

Lesson Outline

The fol­low­ing is a list of pos­si­ble top­ics for you to use as a guide. Your course will be fully cus­tomized to your unique goals, work­flow, and learn­ing pace. Because every course Workflow Creative teaches is fully cus­tomized to each group, the fol­low­ing list of top­ics to be learned should be con­sid­ered a guide­line, one that will be expanded or altered as required to fit your needs.


  • Tools and the Property Selector
  • Panels and Panel Groups
  • Working with mul­ti­ple documents

Pages, States, and Layers

  • About Pages, States, and Layers
  • Importing Pages
  • Working with Layers and Objects
  • Working with States

Working with Bitmaps

  • Resolution and file size
  • Cropping an image
  • Importing images
  • Distortion-free scal­ing
  • Adjusting tonal range
  • Using the Align panel
  • Using the Dodge and Burn tools
  • Using Live Filters
  • Repairing with the Rubber Stamp tool
  • Bitmap selec­tions
  • Protecting orig­i­nal artwork
  • Convert selec­tions to paths

Vector Graphic Basics

  • About Vector Art
  • Basic draw­ing techniques
  • Changing appear­ance
  • Scaling objects
  • Adding text
  • Auto Shapes
  • Paths and the Pen tool
  • Editing paths
  • Custom shapes
  • Customizing fills and strokes


  • About Masks
  • Creating and edit­ing masks


  • Text Basics
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Special text effects


  • What are Styles?
  • Applying style presets
  • Editing styles
  • Updating object styles


  • What are Sybmols?
  • Graphic sym­bols
  • Button sym­bols
  • Animation sym­bols

Optimizing for Web and Mobile

  • Optimization basics
  • Optimize a sin­gle file
  • Web Tools
  • Create and opti­mize slices
  • Exporting page design
  • Creating a sprite sheet
  • CSS

Prototyping Basics

  • Exploring the Pages panel
  • Multi-page mockup
  • Adding hotspots
  • Creating secure, inter­ac­tive PDFs
  • Mocking up a Prototype

Improving Workflow

  • Using Tempates
  • Working with Adobe Bridge
  • Fireworks and Photoshop
  • Customize Keyboard Shortcuts