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Training in Versions?CS6, CS5, CS4
Class Length?2–3 Days
Delivery?This class may be delivered on-site or remotely.
Price ? $1,295-2,495 per Day*

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Dreamweaver is the industry’s lead­ing appli­ca­tion for devel­op­ing web­sites and mobile appli­ca­tions. It’s crit­i­cal for web pro­fes­sion­als to have a solid under­stand­ing of web con­tent cre­ation. This class takes you beyond the solid foun­da­tion acquired in Dreamweaver Introduction and will give you the skills you need to do advanced web edit­ing work

What You Will Learn

  • Working with Templates and other pro­duc­tiv­ity items
  • Adding Flash, Spry Items, and JavaScript
  • Creating and edit­ing advanced CSS
  • Using XML
  • Working with Forms
  • Making a Dynamic Site
  • Adding Search Functionality
  • Authenticating Users

Lesson Outline

The fol­low­ing is a list of pos­si­ble top­ics for you to use as a guide. Your course will be fully cus­tomized to your unique goals, work­flow, and learn­ing pace. Because every course Workflow Creative teaches is fully cus­tomized to each group, the fol­low­ing list of top­ics to be learned should be con­sid­ered a guide­line, one that will be expanded or altered as required to fit your needs.

Working with Flash Content

  • Adding a Flash Movie
  • Adding a Flash Video
  • Flash Video Component Basics

Cascading Style Sheets

  • The box Model: Padding, Margins, Borders
  • Nested Selectors & More Box Model
  • Floats & Clearing
  • Min-Width & IE Conditional Comments
  • CSS Navigation
  • Absolute and Relative Positioning
  • CSS Media Types


  • Using the Spry Tooltip Widget
  • Inserting Spry Menu Bars
  • Inserting Spry Tabbed Panels
  • Server-Side Includes
  • Dreamweaver Behaviors
  • Learning About XML Data
  • Importing XML Data with Spry
  • Creating Spry Accordions
  • Customizing a Spry Accordion

Working with Forms

  • About Forms
  • Adding a Form to the Page
  • Inserting Text Form Elements
  • Radio Buttons/Check Boxes
  • Working with Lists
  • Buttons
  • Styling Forms
  • Accessible Form Layout & Styling

Increasing Productivity

  • Creating a Template
  • Inserting Editable Regions
  • Updating a Template
  • Producing Child Pages
  • Using Library Items

Getting Started with Dynamic Sites

  • Understanding sta­tic vs. dynamic pages
  • Working with sites in Dreamweaver
  • Learning Dreamweaver inter­face basics
  • Developing dynamic pages
  • Including com­mon code

Using the Database Panel

  • Using data­bases on the web
  • Creating a data­base connection
  • Using the Database panel
  • Using the Bindings panel to cre­ate a sim­ple recordset
  • Creating an advanced record­set using joins

Binding Data to a Page

  • Binding data to a page
  • Using Live Data View
  • Formatting data using the Bindings panel
  • Inserting a dynamic image

Customizing Recordset Display

  • Introducing Server Behaviors
  • Displaying all rows in a record­set using Repeat Region
  • Introducing Application Objects
  • Using the Recordset Navigation Bar to page through recordsets
  • Displaying Recordset Navigation Status
  • Using the Server Debug View

Creating Drill-Down Interfaces

  • Creating a drill-down interface
  • Generating dynamic links
  • Using dynamic fil­ters in SQL
  • Using the Dynamic Table Application Object
  • Creating a master-detail page set

Creating a Search Interface

  • Reviewing HTML Forms
  • Creating dynam­i­cally pop­u­lated drop-down menus
  • Creating fil­tered recordsets

Inserting Rows into a Table

  • Creating a form and using the Insert Record Server Behavior
  • Validating form data using Behaviors
  • Creating dynamic form elements
  • Using the Recordset Insertion Form Application Object

Updating Rows

  • Creating an inter­face for updat­ing data
  • Displaying results in a table using the Dynamic Table Application Object
  • Creating a pre-filled form for the row to update
  • Using URL parameters
  • Using the Record Update Form Application Object
  • Manually cre­at­ing a form and apply­ing an Update Record Server Behavior

Deleting Rows

  • Understanding the delete process
  • Creating a delete con­fir­ma­tion page
  • Passing hid­den data in a form
  • Using a SQL Delete statement
  • Using the Delete Row Application Object

Authenticating Users

  • Setting and retriev­ing cookies
  • Authenticating users with a web application
  • Building a reg­is­tra­tion pages
  • Building a log-in page
  • Restricting access to pages