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In Our Clients' Words

  • I like the open conversation with other attendees. I liked that a wide breadth of content was covered…I gained a better understanding and more ammunition on how to explain that creating ePublications, both interactive and for eReaders, isn’t just a magic click of a button like management seems to think.
    —Paul, St. Mary’s Press

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Training in Versions?5, 6
Class Length?1–2 Days
Delivery?This class may be delivered on-site or remotely.
Price ? $1,295-2,495 per Day*

* Complete pricing information.

The Captivate eLearn­ing Basics class pro­vides pro­fes­sion­als with the foun­da­tion skills they need to develop and build soft­ware demon­stra­tions and inter­ac­tive eLearn­ing simulations.

What You Will Learn

  • The Captivate Development Process
  • Creating a new eLearn­ing Course from a template
  • Creating a new eLearn­ing Course from scratch
  • Working with Assets
  • Editing eLearn­ing Projects
  • Update con­tent by edit­ing captions
  • Increase user inter­ac­tiv­ity with click, high­light, and text entry boxes
  • Add inter­est by insert­ing rollover cap­tions and images
  • Import PowerPoint slides into a project

Lesson Outline

The fol­low­ing is a list of pos­si­ble top­ics for you to use as a guide. Your course will be fully cus­tomized to your unique goals, work­flow, and learn­ing pace. Because every course Workflow Creative teaches is fully cus­tomized to each group, the fol­low­ing list of top­ics to be learned should be con­sid­ered a guide­line, one that will be expanded or altered as required to fit your needs.


  • What is Captivate?
  • The Captivate Development Workflow
  • Tools and Panels
  • Workspace
  • Timeline, Filmstrip, Properties
  • View a Simulation

Your first project

  • Start a Blank Project
  • Start a soft­ware simulation
  • Edit Text Caption
  • Rollover Caption
  • Using the Timeline
  • Properties Panel
  • Preview

Development Basics

  • Storyboard Basics
  • Script and Instruction Guide Creation

Standard Objects

  • Text Captions
  • Images
  • Highlight Boxes
  • Text Animation
  • Roll Over Caption
  • Roll Over Image
  • Using the Library

External Assets

  • Add an Image
  • Round-Tripping with PowerPoint
  • Adding Audio in Captivate
  • Editing Audio
  • Importing Audio – Text to Speech
  • Adding Video


  • Publishing
  • Going to the Web
  • LMS Publishing Basics
  • LMS Output options