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Training in Versions?CS6, CS5, CS4
Class Length?2–3 Days
Delivery?This class may be delivered on-site or remotely.
Price ? $1,295-2,495 per Day*

* Complete pricing information.

Adobe® Audition® offers high-performance, intu­itive tools for audio edit­ing, mix­ing, restora­tion, and effects. Powerful new fea­tures such as real-time clip stretch­ing, auto­matic speech align­ment, and con­trol sur­face sup­port help you deliver projects faster than ever.

What You Will Learn

  • Audio inter­fac­ing
  • Basic edit­ing & restoration
  • Mastering
  • Multitrack edi­tor and mixer
  • Sound Libraries
  • Mixing
  • Adding audio to video

Lesson Outline

The fol­low­ing is a list of pos­si­ble top­ics for you to use as a guide. Your course will be fully cus­tomized to your unique goals, work­flow, and learn­ing pace. Because every course Workflow Creative teaches is fully cus­tomized to each group, the fol­low­ing list of top­ics to be learned should be con­sid­ered a guide­line, one that will be expanded or altered as required to fit your needs.

Audio Interfacing

  • Audio inter­face basics
  • Inputs and outputs
  • External inter­faces
  • Templates
  • Recording into the Waveform Editor
  • Recording into the Multitrack Editor
  • Drag and drop into an Audition Editor
  • Importing from audio CD

Basic Editing & Restoration

  • The Audition Workspace
  • Cutting, past­ing, delet­ing, and chang­ing lev­els of audio regions
  • Extending and trim­ming musi­cal selections
  • Reducing hiss, clicks, and noise
  • Removing and reduc­ing artifacts
  • Using the Effects Rack and menu
  • Crossfading


  • Equalization
  • Dynamics
  • Ambience
  • Stereo imag­ing
  • Pushing” the drum hits

Multitrack Editor and Mixer

  • Multitrack and Waveform Editor integration
  • Recording in the Multitrack Editor
  • Recording an addi­tional part as an overdub
  • Punching in
  • Composite record­ing
  • Setting up the metronome
  • Looped play­back
  • Track con­trols
  • Channel map­ping
  • Side-chaining effects
  • Mixer view basics

Sound Libraries

  • Rhythm tracks
  • Adding per­cus­sion
  • Adding melodic elements
  • Using loops with dif­fer­ent pitch and tempo
  • Adding pro­cess­ing


  • Testing your acoustics
  • The mix­ing process
  • Exporting a stereo mix
  • Burning an audio CD

Adding Audio to Video

  • Importing a video
  • Using mark­ers to cre­ate hit points
  • Adding hits to the marker loca­tion points
  • Building the soundtrack
  • Automatic speech alignment